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Rainbow Dinasaur Themed 3 Piece Teether Tie Set

Rainbow Dinasaur Themed 3 Piece Teether Tie Set

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Set of 3 rabbit ear teethers with 1 sealed wooden ring. Cute rainbow dinasaur themed fabric with matching patterns!
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    Our teething ring set ties are made with 3 layers of 100% cotton flannel and a hardwood maple ring. Each set includes 3 ties that are reversible with different prints and 1 maple ring (sanded and sealed).


    These ties are perfect to soak in water and freeze them (not the wood ring). Use one frozen tie and secure it around the ring. The coldness will help with your child's teething gums.


    Our wooden rings are sealed with a Food Grade Mixture containing mineral oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax. This helps keep the wood ring resistant to bacterial growth and liquids absorbing into the wood.

    • 100% Cotton Flannel
    • Sanded Hardwood Maple Ring


    Please remember that these are handmade items. Stitching lines on the visible part of the item(s) may not be perfect and straight. Each item goes through quality check before being sent out to ensure no major flaws are found.


    • Remove tie(s) from ring.

    • Hand Wash wood ring in Cool/Warm water.

    • Machine Wash ties (without the ring) in Cool/Warm water.

    • Air Dry wood ring.

    • Machine Dry ties on Low/No Heat on a Low Tumble if possible or lay them flat/hang them to air dry.

    • Frequent washings may cause fabric ties to "pill".

    • Wood ring can be naturally treated with coconut oil or food grade beeswax. Just rub in and wipe away excess.



    With all baby and toddler products, please monitor your child while using this product. Everyday items can be potential harm.

    This product may be a potential choking hazard for children under 5 years old. Ribbons, Snaps, Elastic, Thread, and Crinkle Film is used in our products. Adult supervision is required while your child uses and interacts with our product.


    *** By purchasing this product you understand that we are not liable for any potential harm, injury, or death. Please see our terms and conditions/legal policies for more information. ***